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About Us

Building on our work experience over the years, we have developed a depth of experience in this field, investing in people and equipment, and refining our processes. We consider ourselves one of the local leaders in the development of innovative grounds maintenance solutions and the application of landscaping technologies.


We’re also customer focused – priding ourselves on reliable dependability and our proven ability to exceed expectations. Our experience in caring for the property of commercial and residential clients of all sizes demonstrates our capacity to deliver without compromise, providing best work methods and exceptional value for money.

Thinned out tree line
Jon Wallace AlphaScape Lawn & Landscape

Jon started an apprenticeship as an arborist while living in the United Kingdom, providing customers with excellence, honesty and integrity quickly became a passion. Seeking to provide a more comprehensive service AlphaScape was established as a weekend passion offering services that were not available while focusing on arboriculture.

After moving to the US in 2009, Jon continued to feed his passion of landscaping that never went away, while serving in the Army National Guard and working as a paramedic Jon continued working as a arborist and working on smaller landscaping projects. We finally arrive at where we are today, a network of dedicated professionals with expertise in all aspects of the residential and commercial landscaping and lawn care industry.


While our continued success became less of a product of a passion to succeed and more of a result of drive and motivation. Our satisfied customers reward our hard work and dedication with repeat business and referrals. While the industry and business dynamic continue to change, we will remain focused on what matters most - our focus on customer service.


Each and every client – large or small, new or old – receives genuine, personalized care. We reward our customers for their trust and support, and take great pleasure in delivering outstanding results for their properties, when we think of what we have achieved, where we have came from and our continued focus on moving forward, we're proud.

We’re proud of what we have achieved so far and what we will continue to achieve each and every day. By striving to constantly improve our service, one thing is for sure ”We look forward to helping our valued clients for many years.”

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